Scrapbooking: Savor the Memories of Your Past Travels

Making a scrapbook is a great way to preserve memories of your vacation. Whether it’s electronic or can be placed on your end table, it’s creative, fun to look through, and an easy way to share your travel memories with family and friends.

Whether you’re new at putting together a scrapbook or a pro, this is a good time to savor the memories of your past travels. You can begin organizing photos and memorabilia, and even sketching out some ideas on paper. If you haven’t saved all of the odds and ends that go into a scrapbook, start thinking about what to keep when you go on your next trip.

First, go through the photos on your camera or smartphone. You probably have hundreds, if not thousands. Decide which ones are worth including. You may want to group your scrapbook by theme or particular journey. The best images to choose are those that show off the highlights of your trip. So look for photos that truly capture those special moments. If you want to include items besides photos, you may only be able to fit two or three on a page, or take snapshots of your entrance tickets, playbills or other items. To give yourself the most flexibility, choose a combination of horizontal and vertical snaps, as well as a variety of sizes.

It is a good idea to include items such as your boarding pass, ticket stubs from attractions or performances, tourist maps and brochures, and postcards. Even consider a menu from a restaurant or a coaster from a bar where you enjoyed a drink, or the wrapper from a candy bar if it’s one you can’t get at home. If you visited a foreign country, you probably have currency or coins left over that you can include. All of those small items will help tell the story of your trip.

If you didn’t save a lot of items, don’t worry. You can improvise. For example, if you visited another state, think about including the state flag, bird or flower, or even motto. The same goes for a foreign country — include the flag, languages spoken, common phrases and currency. If you have a postcard with the name of the place you visited, cut that part out and use it to give your page a flourish. You may want to do some journaling in your scrapbook, writing brief descriptions of where you went and what you did. Don’t forget captions for your photos, too. They’ll help make your scrapbook a valuable keepsake for years to come.

Think about how you want to organize your scrapbook. If you spent your vacation at a resort, you can organize pages around themes, like relaxing on the beach, dining out, or activities. If you traveled to several different places and went sightseeing every day, you may want to go with a chronological approach, designing pages devoted to the things you did and places you went each day.

Need further inspiration? Check out the following resources:

On Instagram search using hashtag: #scrapbooking. You’ll find over 5M ideas!

Check out Shutterfly. You can create digital scrapbooks and share them electronically or have them printed.

Other online resources include Snapfish and MixBook.

And, when you’re ready to plan and book a trip to have more material for a scrapbook, contact us!


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