Journey To Tanzania

Entry #2 – Home Away From Home –

For this entry I struggled with which topic to select… the wildlife I’m going to see or the places I will be staying? Since accommodations will be the first thing I experience (I believe!), I thought I’d start there. I truly believe it will be a toss-up between which is more amazing (wildlife or accommodations) given the Elewana Collection of Resorts that are booked.

Using Google I’ve mapped out the locations of the resorts. I assure you I will not be walking between them (LOL) but, that was the only view that gave the level of detail I sought.

Over ten nights I will experience five resorts. Working with the Elewana Collection I was able to put together recaps and photos of each, in order of the itinerary. Plus, I’ve included what I’m looking forward to most at each resort.

Arusha Coffee Lodge
Number of nights: 1
Resort Description:
Lying on the gently rolling foothills that cascade down from the ever-present Mount Meru is the bustling and vibrant town of Arusha. It is here on the outskirts of this town, hidden amongst one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations, that you will find Arusha Coffee Lodge, a perfect haven for relaxation either before or after any East African safari.

Comprised of 30 Plantation Houses that radiate out into the evergreen coffee fields, Arusha Coffee Lodge has been designed around the original landowner’s home that dates back to the early 1900’s.

Why I’m excited about staying there:
Let’s be honest, after 20+ hours of travel I will be ready to rest and recharge. The coffee lodge sounds like a heavenly place to start our land adventure in Tanzania. Being a coffee lover I’m looking forward to the estate tour and some amazing cups of kahawa (Swahili for coffee).

Kilindi Zanzibar
Number of nights: 3
Resort Description:
Kilindi Zanzibar, comprised of a series of white-domed Pavilion guest rooms all set in 50 acres of lush tropical gardens, is a rarity in the world of luxury boutique hotels. Originally designed for Benny Andersson – one of the members of the 1970’s pop group ABBA – Kilindi is a true blend of the very best of diverse cultures to be found in Tanzania and on its adjacent island of Zanzibar.

Kilindi achieves the perfect marriage between Scandinavian minimalism and the dramatic architectural overtones of Middle Eastern heritage, whilst encouraging an open, ‘back-to-nature’ ambiance throughout.

In each of the Pavilion suites, white wooden-slatted shutters embrace wide-arched glassless windows each affording spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. This same openness allows the gentle ocean breeze to waft throughout each of the rooms and carry with it the delightful soundtrack of Kilindi’s colorful birdlife.

Why I’m excited about staying there:
At my core I love being near water. I have never seen the Indian Ocean and the views from Kilindi look stunning. This resort has the perfect combination of amazing accommodations and beautiful grounds to explore. I believe it will be an amazing place to get rid of jet lag and rest up for the game drives that are ahead.

Tarangire Treetops
Number of nights: 2
Resort Description:
Tarangire Treetops sits serenely on the border of the Tarangire National Park – Tanzania. Centered about a Main Lodge – which itself encases a thousand year-old baobab tree – Tarangire Treetops is comprised of 20 rooms all of which are elevated above the ground affording views over the tops of surrounding marula and baobab trees.

Each Treetops Room boasts one of the largest bedrooms to be found in any camp or lodge in East Africa – with a floor space of 65 square meters (699 square feet) – and all with an exotic double shower en suite bathroom. With furnishings that create warmth and demonstrate a commitment to local craftsmanship, the ‘up-in-the-air’ experience is completed by the open-fronted room design affording views across the Tarangire plains from an expansive but private balcony.

Why I’m excited about staying there:
A luxury tree fort in the middle of a National Park in Africa, how cool is that?! I look forward to looking out from my balcony and seeing all there is to see. The staff is well-known for their hospitality and I look forward to meeting them.

The Manor at Ngorongoro
Number of nights: 2
Resort Description:
The Manor at Ngorongoro, located in the north west Tanzania and with its 9 luxurious cottages (18 Suites), family cottage, and magnificent main Manor House, is one of the first safari lodges of its kind to blend East African hospitality with old-world Afro-European architecture and decor. Located adjacent to the famous Ngorongoro conservation area and within a 1500-acre Arabica coffee estate, The Manor is reminiscent of an elegant up-country farm home in the Cape Dutch-style of architecture.

Every detail of The Manor has been designed with its guests’ comfort in mind. Each of the cottages has been carefully positioned to maximize the views of the adjacent verdant hills but at the same time to maintain the intimacy and privacy of this old-world Manor home.

Why I’m excited about staying there:
There’s something charming about staying at a manor while in Africa. Recently I watched Out of Africa and when I saw the coffee plantation in the movie it made me think, “that is what The Manor at Ngorongoro will be like”. After a thrilling day of taking in the wildlife at the Ngorongoro Crater, I believe the manor will offer the perfect combination of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Serengeti Migration Camp
Number of nights: 2
Resort Description:
Serengeti Migration Camp is the embodiment of the ‘camp’ experience. Located next to the famous Grumeti River which is home to resident hippos that bark and wallow their days away, Serengeti Migration Camp has become synonymous with low-impact high-action game viewing in a landscape that is untouched since the dawn of time.

Comprised of 20 luxurious elevated tents, each with spacious and richly furnished bedrooms, Serengeti Migration Camp blends seamlessly into the environment. Each of the tents is surrounded by its own 360-degree verandah deck, which in turn creates your very own private sanctuary to enjoy the constant game sightings and the ever-present sounds of the bush.

The main ‘tent’ has a split-level lounge, a swimming pool, restaurant and viewing platforms that offer views across the river and the rugged landscape beyond. But it is the drama and proximity of the wild, which takes the experience of this camp to an altogether higher level.

Why I’m excited about staying there:
When I envision going to Africa, the type of accommodations that come to mind are a camp-like environment with luxury tents. I’m looking forward to sitting on our wrap around deck and enjoying a sun downer while I listen to the sounds of the bush. It sounds like the perfect way to end our adventure in Tanzania!

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Lynn Clark is the owner of Journeys Travel Group, Inc. dba Travel Leaders located in Southeast Wisconsin. She is capturing her Journey to Tanzania through a series of blog posts that chronicle her experience leading up to the adventure in October 2021. Lynn has spent nearly three decades working in travel for industry leading brands including The Walt Disney Travel Company, Carlson Companies and Funjet Vacations. In 2017 she cast off the Corporate America lines and set sail for a new adventure, owning a travel agency. Her goal in life is to connect people and ideas in the pursuit of transformational experiences which most often come in the form of travel.


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