Give the Gift of Travel

Whether it’s crossing off a bucket list destination, celebrating a milestone or simply getting a well-earned opportunity for relaxation, giving the gift of travel this holiday season is a great way to surprise someone special — or even reward yourself. When you give the gift of travel, you’re not only treating the recipient to a memorable experience, you’re helping them stay physically and mentally healthy, … Continue reading Give the Gift of Travel

Journey to Tanzania

Entry #4 – Anticipation – It’s a fact that anticipating travel can bring even more enjoyment than the trip itself. The planning stages of the trip yield the biggest boost in happiness because we’re looking forward to the good times ahead. The anticipation phase of travel has always been exciting to me. Prior to an adventure, especially somewhere I’ve never been before, I try to … Continue reading Journey to Tanzania

Walking and Hiking Trip Ideas

If you love spending time outdoors and you enjoy regular physical activity, think about taking a walking or hiking trip for your next vacation. You may not cover as much ground on foot, but you’ll get an intimate look at a small part of the world.   While we can put together a custom walking or hiking itinerary for you, joining a tour group has some advantages. You’ll be with an expert guide who knows the route, will make … Continue reading Walking and Hiking Trip Ideas

See the Southwest Via Luxury Rail

Experience the Southwest by luxury train on Rocky Mountaineer’s newest route. Rockies to the Red Rocks. The train travels only during the day and features oversized windows, so you do not miss a moment of the ever-changing landscapes. From vast canyons and chromatic deserts, to red sandstone that twists through the bright blue sky, this stunning rail route is filled with highlights best seen from their expansive glass dome … Continue reading See the Southwest Via Luxury Rail

Wellness Retreats

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes plenty of opportunity to unwind, relax and recharge, then a wellness retreat may be just what you need.  Wellness retreats are geared toward the mind, body and spirit, with everything from meditation and yoga to natural remedies and organic cuisine to a variety of outdoor activities. They’re places where you can leave feeling rejuvenated.   The Travel Leaders SELECT … Continue reading Wellness Retreats