Bucket List Trip Planning

Planning a bucket list trip is a chance to give your imagination free rein. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for years and you have a destination in mind. Or perhaps you just know that you want to get away someplace special but don’t have a specific spot picked out. 

There are lots of ways to narrow down your decision. You can think about the setting of a movie, book or TV series that you’ve always loved, or even a country or foreign language that you studied in school. Maybe your dream destination is a place that holds special significance for your family. Perhaps you know someone who raved about the experiences she had on her vacation and it made you want to travel there, too.  

Your bucket list trip may not be a specific country but an experience based on your interests. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a safari, see the northern lights, go snorkeling, climb a mountain, take a cycling trip, follow your favorite band to multiple tour stops or see your favorite team play across the country. The possibilities are endless.  

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose where to stay and what to do, especially if it’s a destination where you haven’t been before. Wherever you go, a bucket list vacation involves a significant investment of time and money. Your Travel Leaders travel advisor can help you with all of the details, working within your budget to create the perfect trip. 

Through years of experience, travel advisors have developed a deep relationship with suppliers in transportation, accommodations, tours and attractions. Since travel advisors love to travel themselves, chances are they’ve been to some of the places you’re considering, or they have experience planning similar trips. They also have access to exclusive perks that will help make your vacation unforgettable. 

The more information your travel advisor has, the better he or she can assist you. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

First, think about how much time you can take off and how much money you can spend. That will help your travel advisor come up with a meaningful but realistic itinerary.  

Think about your travel style. Do you want to be on the go all day every day or would you rather travel at a slower pace, with more time to relax built into your schedule? Is it more important for you to check off all of the major attractions, or are you happy to skip one for a chance to go off the beaten path?  

Maybe there’s something special you want to do, whether it’s a cultural event, dinner at a famous restaurant or attending a performance or sporting event. These are all things to let your travel advisor know about.  

Also, let your travel advisor know about any physical limitations or special requirements you have while traveling.

Contact Us to get started on your bucket list trip. 


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